Member Biographies

Larry Machado,
trumpet, alias "Mr. Brassakwards," has played professionally for over 25 years. He currently plays with the Reno Philharmonic, Nevada Opera, Nevada Festival Ballet, and Reno Chamber Orchestras. Larry's background in swing and jazz is quite extensive, playing with such stars as: Tom Jones, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, John Denver, Mel Torme and Englebert Humperdink, just to mention a few! Larry's famous quote, "I just like to blow my horn, man."

Julie Machado,
alias "Thumper" has been playing bass since a very young age. She currently plays with the Reno Philharmonic and has played with such stars as: Pavarotti, Ray Charles, Roy Clark, Freddie Powers, Freddie Fender, and Donovan. She started her singing career with her folk band Shiloh. Julie's famous quote while reading music, "What are all these little black dots?"

Robert Lightfoot,
drums, alias "Skins," is currently the timpanist with the Reno Philharmonic, Nevada Opera, Nevada Festival Ballet, and Reno Chamber Orchestras. He has also played with Pavarotti, The Moody Blues, Smother Brothers and Charo. Robert's famous quote, "Bee bop a boop de boop!"

Brach Thomson,
piano, alias "Keybanger" keyboard player extraordinaire, has made his name across the West as arranger, composer, and founder of the Keybanger School of Music. He comes from a theatrical family and is currently running a summer theater in Montana. Brach's famous quote, "Sure I'll play, just pass me the bottle!"

Bob Barker,
trombone, alias "Slide," learned to perfect his trade in the H.Q. Command Band in Washington, D.C. and the 28th Air Division Band, at the Hamilton Air Force Base. Bob has played with such stars as, The McGuire Sisters, The Chordettes and the Benny Goodman Orchestra. Bob's famous quote, "Now, that's hot!"

Hap Hazard,
trumpet, has been involved in music professionally for over 35 years. In addition to his playing, he is an outstanding arranger, composer, and conductor. During his career he has conducted over 25 Broadway musicals and has written arrangements for several of the working bands in the area. He also has been involved in education for 27 years. Hap's famous quote, "Go away! ... Leave me alone!"